About us

 Who are we

    people and companies are more international
    worldwide communication is just a matter of seconds
    web and storing technologies provide unlimited information

To reach our objectives, we need
    a competent intermediary to help us decipher the amount of data at our disposal
    a solid good knowledge of the language and culture of a country
    to convey our information in a very accurate and precise way

Babelja is
    a translation company
    located in Munich
    staffed by language experts - philologists and translators

 What we can do for you

Babelja's linguistically and culturally accurate translations will help you on your road to international success by
    providing you with easy access to the great communication network you need
    enabling you to expand and grow your home market into the wider international scene

Come to Babelja - the translation and text handling company where language has no limits

Your Babelja team
Communication engineers